Purposes of Data use

Purposes of Data use

Managing the accounts, products and services (including any financial instruments) taken out by you or by our business and institutional customers (of whom you are a staff member, shareholder, beneficial owner or customer – for instance, in relation to cash management):

For Natixis, this means recording and updating information about account holders and the operating features of their accounts, managing data on the monitoring of activities in relation to financial instruments, and keeping accounts more generally (regular statements, extracts and summaries, transaction stops, issuing cheque books, bank details slips and certifications).
Natixis also processes Data needed to provide you with the products and services you request. This includes the making, administration and performance of contracts, as well as providing assistance and handling your requests in this regard.

Managing transactions and cash flows

For Natixis, this means managing Data about account transactions: deposits and withdrawals (cash, cheques, transfers, direct debits, card transactions and other movements of funds), while managing the quality of sales transactions with our customers in relation to our ISO certification.

This includes trade finance transactions, transaction data exchanged via our portals, transfers and direct debits in euros, electronic money tools and international currency payments more generally, as well as providing assistance and handling your requests in this regard.

Providing virtual content, information and recommendations (for instance in relation to capital markets)

For Natixis, this means enabling you to have secure online access to information whenever you sign up for a product.

Fulfilling our legal and regulatory obligations

Ensuring IT security, defending our rights and developing products or services, including