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Corporate name
NATIXIS – Joint-stock company established under French law, with a share capital of EUR 5,021,289,259.20 registered in Paris under no. B 542 044 524.

Registered office
30, avenue Pierre Mendès-France
75013 Paris
Tel. +33 1 58 32 30 00

Company registration number (SIREN): 542 044 524

VAT registration number: FR73542044524
Approval: Subsidiary’s name is a credit institution authorized in France by ACPR - Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel de Resolution - 61, rue Taitbout 75436 Paris cedex 09.
NATIXIS’ banking and financial activities fall under the French Monetary and Financial Code.
A of FBF - the Fédération Bancaire Française, the professional organization that represents all banks operating in France.

Responsible publisher
Laurent Mignon

Chief editor
Véronique Léon-Marois

Company's ownership
At 31 July 2015, Natixis was 71.2%-owned by BPCE.

The site is hosted on Natixis SA servers.
Reserved domain name: is a domain name registered by NATIXIS (SIREN number: 542044524 / APE number: 6492Z) on October 20, 2006 with France Télécom
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3. Disclaimer on indices
General disclaimer : The indices described on this Site (each, an “Index” and collectively, the “Indices”) are the property of NATIXIS. Any use, copy or reproduction, even in part, of any index or any information on any index is prohibited unless prior written permission has been granted by NATIXIS. NATIXIS does not guarantee the accuracy and/or the completeness of the composition, calculation, dissemination and adjustment of the Indices, nor the data included therein. NATIXIS shall have no liability for any errors, omissions, interruptions or delays in the information provided.

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The Indices described on this Site cannot be invested in directly. Any person wishing to purchase or invest in any products or financial instrument whose performance is based in whole or in part on any one of the indices described on this Site should contact his/her usual financial, tax, accounting and legal counsel or advisors in order to form his/her own opinion on the risks involved in each investment, independently of NATIXIS, and reach his/her own conclusions on the suitability of the product for his/her own personal and financial situation. In addition, any such person should refer to the full and final legal documentation for the relevant product or financial instrument, including with respect to important information concerning any investment, including related risk factors. Such risks may include, without limitation, risk of loss of some or all of their investment, risk of adverse or unanticipated market developments, risk of counterparty or issuer default and risk of liquidity.

Not an Advisor : NATIXIS (or any of its affiliates) is not acting as advisor or fiduciary. Neither NATIXIS nor any of its affiliates intend to provide investment advice through this Site and they make no representation that any described Indices or services (if any) are suitable for any investor. NATIXIS does not render tax, investment or legal advice, and nothing contained in this Site should be constructed as such. Accordingly you must independently determine, with your own advisors, the appropriateness for you of any Index. NATIXIS has no obligation to consider the needs of investors into consideration in determining, composing or calculating any Index.

The information on this Site does not purport to summarize or explain the methodologies governing each Index described herein. Each Index is based on complex algorithms. The investment strategy tracked by each Index is not guaranteed to be successful. Each Index lacks substantial operating history and, as it is based on complex algorithms, may perform in unanticipated ways. Please contact NATIXIS for the Index methodologies.

An overview of the description and the calculation methodology for each Index is available online. We strongly recommend that you consult this online document to gain an overview of the composition and operation of each Index. The full rules for operation of each index are available on written request to NATIXIS at the following address: NATIXIS – Equity Derivatives – 47 quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris, France

Disclaimer: Subject to application legislation, NATIXIS cannot be responsible for any mistakes, omissions, interruptions or delays on an Index. NATIXIS does not give any explicit or implicit guarantee on (i) the commercial value or merchantability, and does not guarantee that the Index will meet or fit a particular objective or purpose, and (ii) the results of the use of an Index or the data that make up the Index. Subject to applicable legislation, NATIXIS cannot be held responsible for any losses, damages, costs, expenses (including loss of profits) arising directly or indirectly from the use of an Index or from any data that make up the Index. The levels of any Index on this Site do not represent a valuation or a price for any product or instrument referencing such Index.

Market Data : Market information displayed on this Site (if any) is based on market data at a given moment and may therefore change from time to time. Use of Simulated Returns: Back-testing and other statistical analysis material that is provided in connection with the explanations of the potential returns of the products linked to any Index use simulated analysis and hypothetical circumstances to estimate how it may have performed prior to its actual existence. The results obtained from such "back-testing" information should not be considered indicative of the actual results that might be obtained from an investment or participation in a financial instrument or transaction referencing such Index. NATIXIS provides no assurance or guarantee that the products linked to any Index will operate or would have operated in the past in a manner consistent with these materials. The hypothetical, back-tested, historical levels presented herein have not been verified by an independent third party, and such hypothetical, back-tested, historical levels have inherent limitations. Alternative simulations, techniques, modeling or assumptions might produce significantly different results and prove to be more appropriate. Hypothetical back-tested results are neither an indicator nor guarantee of future returns. Actual results will vary, perhaps materially, from the simulated returns presented in this website.

Conflicts of Interest: The roles of various parties involved in designing, maintaining and replicating any Index have been strictly defined. NATIXIS may enter into transactions on any Index or the instruments that make up such Index, whether as part of hedging transactions or otherwise. These transactions may have a positive or negative impact on the value of the Index and/or instruments that make up such Index. NATIXIS may have issued or may issue products or instruments linked to this Index. As a result, various conflicts of interest may arise.

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